What Extras are Covered With Tractor Insurance?

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Tractor Insurance ExtrasTractor insurance can be pricey and complicated. But it’s always nice to know that you are getting a few extras on top of what you are paying for. We’ve put together a list of extras that may be included in your tractor insurance plan that you might not be aware of.

Replacement Rental: This will pay for the temporary rental of another tractor if yours is damaged and won’t be out of the repair shop for a while.

Damaged Windscreen Replacement: Cracks and chips happen, and replacing a windscreen can be expensive. If your tractor has a windshield, a replacement may be covered in your policy.

Protection and Removal: Let’s just say that your tractor breaks down and can’t be moved. Your policy may cover the cost of security measures to ensure the machinery’s safety and security while awaiting retrieval.

Tire Replacement: Tractors have big, expensive tires. If you get a flat, it’s nice to know that the cost is covered to replace it.

Accessories, Tools and Spare Parts: Sometimes, your tractor features certain upgrades. Or perhaps you’ve added on extra tools to help it function. In either case, accessories, tools and spare parts may be covered in your existing tractor insurance policy. Be sure that you tell your provider about the value of the attachments, accessories, tools and spare parts when you are taking out tractor insurance or if your policy changes.

There are many more hidden extras that may be lurking in your current tractor insurance policy. If not, it’s a god idea to shop around if you are in the market for a new plan. These extras usually don’t cost you anything more than what you are already paying, as they are part of the company’s coverage plan. Always know what you are covered for before agreeing to any tractor insurance policy, and remember that coverages differ depending on your location and which provider you end up going with.