Collision Coverage

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Tractor Collision CoverageYou may not take your tractor out on the road much (if at all), but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get collision coverage when you’re taking out tractor insurance. If you’re taking it on the road, even if it’s not for a long distance, there’s a chance you may get hit by another vehicle (especially if it is going too fast). Let’s take a look at why you may need to take out collision coverage for your compact utility, industrial or commercial tractor.

Collision coverage protects you should any collision damage happen to your tractor. Like we pointed out above, this damage could occur if you collide with another car or any other kind of vehicle. As well, you’ll be covered if you hit something other than a moving vehicle, like a telephone pole, fence or building. There are limitations to collision coverage. Let’s just say you hit the side of a house and caused damage to both the house and tractor. The collision coverage would cover the cost of repair to the tractor, but not the house.

Sure, you may be thinking to yourself, “hey, I don’t need collision coverage – I’m going to save myself a few bucks,” but you can’t predict what could happen while you’re out on your tractor. Think about how much it will cost to replace or repair your tractor. Do you have a couple hundred or even a couple of thousand dollars to repair your tractor? When those bills start piling up, you’ll be kicking yourself if you decided to save a couple of bucks on your tractor insurance policy. It’s a lot more cost effective to pay for a tractor collision policy up front and get back to work without potential damage costs hanging over your head.

Tractor insurance policies and collision coverage differ from state to state, and province to province. Be sure to ask your insurance provider lots of questions before agreeing to any coverage that pertains to tractor insurance.